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Jason Black was a quickly rising star and beginning to live into his dream as he performed internationally from his Los Angeles base when tragedy fell on him. Hear how he faced certain death and impossible odds TWICE and found victory on the other side. Feel the roller coaster ride of an amazing emotional journey from trial to triumph.

His story has been covered by ABC news, the LA Times, and can be seen on Untold Stories of the ER on TLC, the 700 Club, Inside Edition, and The DISCOVERY Channel. He has presented for such varied firms as Prudential, Million Dollar Round Table, Tropicana, Jeep, Lenovo, TBN, and beyond. Jason has been blessed to perform on five continents in many venues and styles from Malaysia to Munich, From Britain to Bali, from Australia to Iowa, from Pebble Beach to Princeton.

His unique presentation combines an amazing personal story told with authenticity with the powerful music that pulled him through in a way that resonates with everyone. The most important performance he'll give is the one he tailors for you and your group.

ABC News - The Jason Black Story
(WARNING: Graphic Content)
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A Letter From Jason

"YOU SHOULD BE DEAD!" That’s what the best hospital in the world told me when I awoke. It wasn't the first time I’d heard it. Lots of people have been beheaded… I’m just the only one who can tell you about it first hand.

My name is Jason Black, and I’ve miraculously survived certain death… multiple times. Whether getting cut out of the mangled wreckage of a car for 20 minutes by the jaws of life, escaping the life sentence of a stroke patient home after huge brain trauma, being BEHEADED, or being paralyzed, I’ve been through worse than most can imagine

I fought my way back from impossible odds. I know a bit more than I’d like about the ER, hospitals, surgeries, rehab and healing. Through having both jugular veins severed, hallucinations, paralysis, brain trauma, having to relearn to walk, write, and feed myself again, Los Angeles sized mortgages, HUGE 6 digit medical bills, certain permanent disabilities, I’ve been through the depths of some big trials.

I’ve learned my story isn’t my own. It’s really about my mom coaching my every breath for hours on end to avoid permanent brain damage. It’s about the girlfriend (now my wife and mother of my 6 children!) that I didn’t deserve, staying by my bedside night after night with her own broken bones to nurse me back to health. It’s about brave EMTs, long-suffering nurses, sure-handed doctors, generous donors, praying churches, faithful friends.

This story is about YOU. It’s about your family, your company, your organization.

You’ve got hopes, dreams, visions, goals, aspirations. But, you’ve also got challenges, trials, and troubles blocking you from the path forward. Through painful events, I’ve learned the secrets to overcoming circumstance and living life by design not by default. Learn the lessons without the pain!!! I teach a simple but powerful 7 step system of breakthrough techniques that are effective, universal, and transferrable. I live to share the life-giving lessons from my story to inspire the extraordinary possibility of your story.

It’s my honor to empower people like you and groups like yours to your own breakthroughs.

MOVING. Moving you to claim your rightful place and the results you’ve always wanted but haven’t known how to have.

MOTIVATING. Motivating you to courageously act in ways you’ve never acted to get results you never believed you could accomplish.

MENTORING. Mentoring you with practical, transferable, systematized tools that work, every time.

I share these lessons as a tribute to those who gave selflessly. Who worked tirelessly to restore me. Who anchored me as I found my way home through the fog of brain trauma. Who stood with me to believe the impossible as I waited in my prison of silence. I share these lessons as an invitation to you to truly live your life, fully, powerfully, abundantly.

Thank you for allowing me to help you claim your breakthrough life!

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